Professional Music Services

I can work for you via the internet (e-mail and file transfer) or postal mail:

  • transcriptions, lead sheets (sheet music), arrangements (horns, strings, rhythm section, etc.),
  • digital sequencing, MIDI programming, mixing, remixing, editing and mastering,
  • guitar, electric bass or full rhythm section tracks for your project,
  • cassette or vinyl to CD transfers.

...or I will come to your space (local to Raleigh, NC):

  • music directing,
  • consultation,
  • rehearsals.

...or you come to my place (Dark River Projects, Benson, NC) or other local facility:

  • music directing,
  • rehearsals,
  • recording and production,
  • digital sequencing, MIDI programming, mixing, remixing, editing and mastering.

For those that live in the Raleigh (southeast) area, I do setup and repair/modification services for electric guitars and basses.

  • restringing,
  • neck and bridge adjustments,
  • electronic repairs and modifications.

I also enjoy teaching.
I have limited time slots available for guitar/theory students at the Neighborhood Academy of Music in Clayton, NC.
Please contact 'The Academy' or me for availability.

Thoughts, Experiences and Background on Teaching Guitar.

40+ years music professional capable - flexible - dependable - open to collaboration and bartering.

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